COOLSPOT follows the work developed at the Laboratory of Interfacial plus Microscale Transport Phenomena at IN+ in advanced cooling technologies for high energy density systems. The project is coordinated by António Luís Moreira and Ana Moita from IN+ / Técnico Lisboa, in a partnership with MEtRICs and CMEMS from University of Minho.



The project fits into the scientific area of micro-scale interfacial transport phenomena and explores the synergistic potential of microstructured surfaces and nano fluids to design innovative and efficient cooling systems.

The work is planned to make use of numerical and experimental approaches to follow the path from the fundamentals of interfacial phenomena, until its scaling up to an integrated system closer to a real application, providing unique data for the development of more complex models of the integrated cooling system.

Innovative micro and additive fabrication solutions will be investigated in the fundamental evaluation of the systems cooling performance and then included in a final integrated system. This final system is developed for the cooling of thermoelectric generators for the automotive industry, integrating energy recovering strategies. However, main conclusions and design directives to develop the integrated cooling system can be extrapolated to other cooling applications.

COOLSPOT covers 3 dimensions: technological innovation, advance formation and knowledge dissemination. Advanced formation is offered to various researchers at different levels on their academic training, namely pursuing a Master and a PhD degrees.